1. I'm thinking about asking my derm for a prescription of this. Does anyone use it? If so, would you recommend it? I need something to help my very mild acne and I hear it helps prevent wrinkles.
  2. I've been using it for at least 16 years, probably not as consistent when I was younger as I do now but it's the only thing that helps keep my skin fairly clear and I think it really does help keep the skin looking young too!
  3. I love this stuff!!! I haven't used it in years b/c I got a new dermatologist who didn't want to prescribe it for me, but when I did use it, I had such nice blemish-free skin. I have very few wrinkles now (I'm 51) and I attribute a lot of that to my use of Retin-A in my 30's and 40's.

    My skin looked slightly red while I used it and was prone to sunburn a lot easier. Also, eyebrow waxing caused my skin to burn and peel. But other than that, I was thrilled with the results. I wish I still used it.
  4. I've been using Retin-A for a few years and it does help to clear up acne. It's a bit drying (like benzoyl peroxide) for the first few weeks of usage but your skin will adapt to it. And I second what leelee said about redness when waxing. Apparently the Retin-A will make your skin more sensitive than normal.
  5. I got my Retin-A prescription today, so I'm going to start tonight. I've read the reviews and they say to expect heavy peeling, breakouts and redness :sad: but I'll suffer for beautiful skin. I'll definitely update with the results. Good skin here I come!
  6. Don't forget to stay out of the sun..Retina works wonders. I use mine every other night to reduce redness..I got the retina that you keep refrigarated, it's more potent. Good luck!
  7. SPOILEDkiwi, good luck with it! I have been using retin a for a few months now for its antiwrinkle effect and love it. The first few weeks are really awful though. I had peeling, red skin and it looked terrible. There were times where I wondered if it were worth it! But persist, because it is. Does your prescription come with instructions with using it. eg about putting it on for a couple of hours the first night and increasing the duration with each night? That is important to let your skin get used to it. Also, use SPF 30 sunscreen everyday! Let us know how it goes!
  8. Be careful with that sister says it's super strong and shouldn't be used unless you have really severe acne.
  9. You can try only applying at night time, but also make sure you apply SFP 15 (or more) when you go out during the day.

    Clindamycin. A semi-synthetic antibiotic, topical clindamycin has a long history of successfully treating acne. It works by reducing P. acnes and decreasing inflammation. In topical form, clindamycin has proven safe and is well tolerated. Skin dryness and irritation are possible side effects. It is important to use as directed to decrease bacterial
    resistance that can occur with antibiotic use.

  11. I use a retin-a based cream called Tazarac. It's been a godsend! I'm prone to bad, cystic acne during "that time of month" and this stuff really helps ward it off. Also, the deep line is my forehead has diminished significantly.

    I use an extremely thin layer of it about every other night, and after applying it and letting it sink it, I'll use a lightweight oil-free moisturizer. So far, I have'nt had any real problems with peeling. (My chin got a little dry and flakey, but once I exfoliated and moisturized, it looked normal again.)

    Good luck, I highly recommend the stuff! I've been using it about 3-4 months myself, and the results have been excellent.
  12. Good luck, make sure you use only a pea size of product for your entire face and stay away from the creasy areas like around your nose and mouth. Your skin may be a little more sensitive and as for the sun, the sun both de-activates the medicine and can easily reverse the benefits you'll see from using retin-a so it is important to wear sunscreen for those reasons aside from the increased sensitivity.
  13. I used Retin-A for a few years in my 20s when I had bad acne, but it was much too harsh for my skin and my skin got very red. I switched dermotologists and the new one recommended Differin which is much milder, she also recommended I just leave the Differin on for 10 minutes and then wash it off rather than leaving it on overnight. All of these products are great for clearing up your skin, but be sure to know there are options if Retin-A is too strong.
  14. I used it in my teen years. If you can get past the beginning you're all set. When you start using it you get really red and get big breakouts but then it clears right up! Thats what happened to me and what the doctor warned me about!
  15. Iv used it for acne before and it worked really good then just quit working after about a year maby it wasnt strong enough for my acne and will do just fine for yours. Also my g-may uses it to prevent wrinkles and swears by it! When it was wroking my face looked great just a little dryness!