Rethinking your collection....

  1. This year I have promised myself to go through my closets and streamline everything this new year. Call it my overzealous attempt at a New Years resolution and one that I hope actually comes to fruition. In this process, I am realizing that I have a few bags that I wear regularly, and then those that I hardly wear at all, yet for some reason- I cannot bring myself to part with them. Perfect example is my kelly or my balenciaga city. I just cannot bring myself to part with them, and they sit for me and me alone to admire. Of course, I feel guilty for doing this especially in this economy and when the funds could be put to better use perhaps.

    So this begs the question- how do you decide whether to let one of your precious bags go? And if you do, is it always to fund another purchase, or simply to simplify your life.
  2. For me, my first step is to talk to friends.

    I have a couple girl friends who often adopt some of my things. It always makes me less anxious when something I love goes to someone I love, KWIM?

    At that point I tend to get a real feel for the item. If I can let it to go a friend, then I'm less attached, and the purge (no matter to whom) becomes less painful.

    That being said - I'm not a collector per say. If I'm not wearing something, I'd rather replace it with something that I will.
  3. Good question, Jag!

    I came to the same decision and started streamlining last month. The decision was prompted by taking a good, hard look at how much I spent during the year and which bags I really used.

    The bags that were not being used fell into a specific category -- not user-friendly. They were too small, too big, too heavy, too uncomfortable, too fussy. I'd been a collector of LV runway bags for years and while I enjoyed looking at my collection, there were just some that never saw the light of day for these reasons.

    Life is too short to finish a book that doesn't interest you and it is too short to clutter your space with things you don't use.

    I think you need to ask yourself why you're not using your Kelly or Bbag, what it is exactly that you admire about them and whether you could find those positive features in some other bag.
  4. I think I'm not using my kelly because it just isn't as user friendly as my HAC, although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and skin of my kelly (which is why I can't bear to part with it). I just always seem to reach for my HAC or Prada everyday bag, and my medor and other clutches for night.
  5. Have you tried looking for somthing - a HAC or B in the same colour?
  6. I'm afraid that it would be way too expensive to get a birkin or HAC in that exact color combo (gold vache liegee with gold hardware). The more I talk about it, I am falling back in love with my kelly. Eek.
  7. Jag, my advice would be to keep the Kelly. At some point in your life you will want to carry this bag, I am sure, a Kelly is such a classic.

    Being an Hermes girl, I am afraid I dont know what a Balenciaga City looks like or whether it falls into the same category.

    I find it very hard to let go of any of the bags in my collection, but like you, I have been thinking about it. Problem is that I have a very varied life, and I find that different style bags work in different situations. What I do find harder to use on a constant basis these days is bags with bright color, I am just finding the neutrals more me these days. If I streamline I will probably let go some of the colors.
  8. Maybe you need to take your Kelly out one day and take some pictures, Jag?
  9. Hehe - I've been there :p
    It really doesn't sound like you are ready to purge. Even if she is just an occasional bag, you clearly love her.
  10. Challenge for me is I know I go through phases. Right now I'm not into my BVs/hobos but I think I might be again soon :p

    I think you should take that Kelly for a spin and see if it is really as hard to use as you remeber :yes:
  11. Thank you ladies!

    Bababebi I see your point. I think I also have a hard time letter my kelly go because it was my first H bag, and as some of you may remember, may PF buddies sat patiently with me while fedex tortured me with the delivery. LOL!

    I will take her out tomorrow and see if I feel better. The balenciaga city is not nearly the same calibur, but for some reason I just can't let it go. Maybe I just need to let go of my other bags (I have a few other non-H bags in mint condition that I never use) and use the funds to get a B or Hac in red or something else.
  12. LOL! Glad I'm not alone! I guess you are right though, I do love my kelly. Just need to bring her out more often. :p
  13. The bags that I part with are the ones that I am uncomfortable carrying. I found that I did not like carrying bags like the Massai GM or the Evelyne where everything had to be stacked in the bag, and I had to rummage through the bag or remove items from the bag to find anything. When it becomes a hassle to use, I usually have no problem letting it go.

    I still have bags that have never been used though. I also have certain bags that, although I no longer use, I just cannot part with because I love them :shrugs:

    I am going to try harder this year to use the items that have been sitting around in their boxes unused!
  14. I was just thinking of this this weekend. :biggrin: I really need to purge some bags but I can't bring myself to do it. I would really like to get a bag in Epsom because I have quite a few bags I'm almost afraid to use for different reasons (what if the toile gets dirty? And so on...)

    I need to either get over my OCD tendencies or get cleanin'. :lol:
  15. I feel ur situation, jag.
    Sometime i cant let go of my bags due to sentimental reasons
    I rarely use my first h bag (rouge vif fjord 35 kelly sellier)
    Becoz i thought i was a kelly girl
    But then i find that birkin is much easier to use (and that sellier kelly is quite gigantic and stiff)
    Eventhough i rarely use it, i cant see myself to let go
    I dont know what to do...