Rethinking the hardware on Medallion...

  1. Hmm..I recently got the Medallion with gold hardware but now that I look at it I wonder if its too 'loud?' The silver is more understated (and I wear Silver)...but it seemed dull when I looked at it IRL. Any preferences out there?:confused1:
  2. i think the gold medallion is PERFECT!! cause its not as loud as the USUAL gold hw on most chanel bags(the long chain and the huge cc lock).. the medallion can be tucked in or out.. i don't have anything w/ gold, bcause i feel the same way as you..
    but i think i will get a medallion tote with gold hw, cause its not TOO MUCH, and when I don't feel like being too "flashy" i can always tuck it in!! ;)
  3. Ummmm...I am going to be in the vicinity of the store tomorrow...need to decide whether to exchange it for silver or not...ugh!
  4. I personally like the gold because it looks best in a medallion. I agree that the silver looks duller. I would keep the gold and just tuck it in or flip it to the backside if you don't want it showing. One of my fav things about the bag is its lack of hardware! Of course, if you wear a ton of silver, then the silver medallion might be best for you.
  5. I prefer silver hardware on most of my Chanel bags but for the Medallion I prefer the gold! The gold is so beautiful on the Medallion
  6. I wuld prefer the silver h/w~
  7. Silver for me too.
  8. I think both look HOT!
  9. When I read the part that you said "it's too loud", I thought you meant the sound of the Medallion swinging back and forth when you carry the bag :p

  10. O no, LOL, I meant 'loud' as in too bright/shiny or maybe fake-gold-looking..
  11. On the Medallion............GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No question.

    I am a gold hw person...........all my LV's are gold/brass. Just got 2 Chanels. For Xmas I got the GST w/ gold hw. Then last week......the jumbo flap in silver.

    I prefer silver on the jumbo flap. Gold on the GST. I guess to me it depends on the style of the bag. I like the gold better on the Medallion. So classy! Beautiful!!
  12. I prefer silver HW.
  13. i like the look of the gold on the medallion a lot better plus it fits the name better
  14. I prefer silver hardware (my Medallion is silver) but I think gold is CLASSIC Chanel.
  15. I think it all depends on the color of the bag. The black looks good in both silver and gold so I would choose on the basis of what color jewelry I usually wear, which is silver. However, I have the dark brown Medallion tote with gold medallion and really prefer the contrast of the gold versus silver on the dark brown (don't even think the dark brown was made with silver, although the beige has both silver and gold medallions). I wear my two toned 14K gold/sterling bracelet with my dark brown tote and two toned earrings since I prefer the like theme.

    For people choosing beige, hands down gold looks better and classier!