Rethinking my Crossbody Nodini

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  1. Hi Ladies! A couple of days ago I was in Las Vega and succumbed to temptation in the VB boutique. I have decided I don't really care for one of the two bags I purchased; the Crossbody Nodini. It's a lovely bag, it just doesn't work for me. I could return it for store credit, but I would really prefer to just resale it. Is there an online reseller you all trust to give you a good price? I know I won't recoup my investment but I figure I'll try to get something. Thank you so much for your guidance :smile:
  2. I'd return it for store credit. BV has a really bad re-sale value and you will not recoup near what you paid. Having written that, Fashionphile and Yoogis Closet are two popular resellers.
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  3. Hi!
    There’s a TON of threads about where to sell our luxury items, please always search first! :tender:
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