Rethinking Coach tote bag purchase, should I swap for another sig tote?

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  1. Heya guys,

    This is my first post here, I've been a lurker here for the last month or here's my story post:

    For my 25th birthday I decided I wanted to buy myself a Coach tote bag because:
    a) I wanted a lighter bag to carry around day-to-day
    b) that could work as a carryon travel bag
    c) well, i love the large signature print :yes:

    (My previous work bag is the Marc Jacobs Venetia ~boy it gets heavy with work stuff loaded in it!)

    So, after much internal debate, I decided to splurge and get the large signature reversible tote bag (#10025), I had to order it through the store since by the time I made my decision, the Coach stores removed it from their shelves. So I just got it today and after playing around with it, I am having second's a nice bag and carries my usual stuff (wallet, cosmetic bag, small notebook, cell, water bottle etc.) well...
    But I am wondering how'd it do if I took it on a trip (airline/car trip, etc) because if I carry a few mags/books I feel like it'll over burden my shoulder. The lack of inner pockets (and 1 zipper compartment) slightly bothers me.

    For the same price I paid for the reversible tote ($298), I just saw that Coach has released its new Signature Stripe Large Tote. It's bigger and it's got the legacy inner lining with inner pockets. Thing is, THAT THING IS HUGE! Looks like it could sub for a diaper bag. No doubt, that thing would work great for travel bag purposes but I'm not sure I could fill that sucker out for my day-to-day work/play.

    I saw TejasMama showed photos of this bag in this post here w/ photos included:

    I'm starting to wonder whether I should get that bag...ahhhh..I am so confused now. They're both the same price, part of me says get more bang for the buck but I dunno. :sweatdrop:

    Does anyone who owns the reversible signature tote have any input (and how they fit their stuff inside their totes would be helpful!). Also, any advocates for the large signature tote?

    Advice would be great!
  2. I just had a similar dilemma. I though, for $30 more I could get the LARGE Sig Stripe Tote (the older style). But, I read that fashion article and the guy said, 'When in doubt, DOWNSIZE'! I just know I won't want to be stuck with a TOO-BIG BAG. So...I went with the MEDIUM Sig Stripe (Crimson) Tote. I should get it in in a few days! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    P.S. You could always get one of those Pursekeet things to organize the interior of your bag.
    Also, really think about what all you'll be carrying in your bag - do you really NEED the extra space of the Large. If you really want it more for a carry on, I'd go with the NEW Large Sig Stripe Tote since it is longer and not as tall - it'll fit under the seat easier and you can lay the magazines down on their side, etc.!!
  3. I really like the sig totes however I have a large Carly and I thought it might be too big but I enjoy having the extra room.
  4. I don't really have any advice but when I saw the pics that TejasMama posted of that tote.... it went immediately to the top of my want list! I love large totes!

    I'd go for the large tote! :tup:
  5. I am a sucker for legacy lining. I say go for it!
  6. I put the style number you listed in your post in the drilldown, and it brings up a watercolor stripe tote, not a signature reversible tote, so I'm not sure which bag it is that you've bought.
  7. if it's a tote, bigger is better IMO
  8. [​IMG]

    I had a tote apx this size 18x11x5, which I sold and kind of regret it now. It was huge, but relaxed. Whether I filled it up or not it was comfortable and fun to use. When you do travel you want that extra room and not have to carry other items that won't fit and then of course, you can throw another small sized purse/wristlet etc. in it.
  9. The pics of the one with the legacy lining does not have a zip-top closure. I would think that if you wanted to travel with a bag you would want it to zip up especially if you are putting the bag under your seat on an airplane. I wouldn't want my stuff to fall out.

    So I would exchange it for SIGNATURE STRIPE MULTI-FUNCTION TOTE because it has that zip-top closure, which is more secure. Plus if you do want to use it as a diaper bag, you will have the pad. If you don't you can always use the pad to protect your laptop. That is what I do.

  10. Hi!

    I have to say that the bag looks big, and it does hold a lot but it doesn't feel like I'm schlepping a big ol' bag with me! The regular tote holds quite a bit, too..

    Maybe you could think about how you would use it? For example, if you live in a colder climate, will you be stufifng a scarf, mittins, other stuff in it? Or will it be a more basic every day bag? I'd say the price is great and with the PCE, you get a lot of bag for the buck.

    It is very spacious but extremely light. And that lining? I'm sorry--I'm a sucker for that every time! Good luck!:graucho:
  11. What is a pursekeet?

  12. ^^ AWESOME! I thought the smaller size tote is better for you. I can't wait to see that crimson bag!
  13. I have the same one TejasMama has and it works great for me. I use it as a business tote during the week and a baby bag on the weekend. I use a purseket to organize the inside of it--I don't want the beautiful inside lining to get messed up!
  14. I like this one too! I'm thinking of getting it in the parchment color with my PCE card.