Retaliatory NEGATIVE feedback!!!

  1. I bought 6 items in 3 auctions from a UK seller after reading in auction that they will combine postage. After winning sent them "request total" emails every 2-3 days for 2 1/2 weeks......absolute silence. I emailed That I will leave neg feedback if they don't send me a total, which was ignored. So I left neg feedback.

    About 1-2 weeks later, they deregistered.

    Started up again few weeks later. I kept an eye to see if they relisted items but haven't so far.

    They left me negative feedback yesterday saying that I left neg for them for no reason and didn't give them a chance to reply!!!!???? WTF???? This was about 2 months after the auction!!!

    I have emailed eBay to get the negs removed if possible. I hate that my 100% feedback is tainted.

    Never met a seller that won't respond to a buyer wanting to pay!!!
  2. WHAT?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard! Is it possible that the seller confused you with someone else? After 2 months, wouldn't they have forgotten by now. But what I don't understand is how can they deregistered and then register again and still be able to leave you a feedback? I hope you can get it removed. What a crazy seller :yucky:
  3. I used to care very much about my feedbacks as a buyer. Then I realized I shoudn't be held as hostage by that system, especially when sellers didn't perform as what they are supposed to, or they cheated and sold fakes. Now I leave appropriate feedbacks. If they retaliated, I will leave a "reply feedback" to explain what happened.

    You could leave a reply feedback to yourself and explain what happened. Poeple who read will understand.
  4. I have done the reply thing.....

    Its a real shame, I actually wanted the items. I was perplexed because I think it is a consignment place so if they don't collect payment, they don't get the commission and so no money and item belongs to the consignee!
  5. Just heard from eBay, won't remove the feedback as it doesn't meet citeria. Should I go mutual withdrawl - I don't really want to remove the negs I left for them though - they deserve it! I don't want the unfair negs on my account - I am just starting to sell
  6. if you left a reply on your feedback explaining that you tried to pay etc, that should be enough, that neg wouldn't put buyers off IMO.
  7. Wow, what happened to you is crazy! Mutual withdrawal is the only way to have the negs removed. Unfortunately you cannot just have yours removed and theirs left on their feedback.(even though they sound like they deserve it!) Only other thing would be to leave reply comments on the neg they left you and try to build your rating back up(which takes FOREVER!) I got a neg feedback from this ridiculous buyer who got buyer's remorse after using a bag I sold her for 6 weeks and I wouldn't take the bag back for a refund. It knocked me down to 97% and am only at 99.1% after getting 70+ positive feedbacks after her neg one. Just something to think about... I would do the mutual withdrawal personally.
  8. exactly

    ebay will not remove the feedback, and honestly it's not even worth asking, they will only remove it if it has a swear word or someones personal website in it.

    If someone does me wrong, I neg them, if they neg me back, I respond to it, people being afraid of leaving fb for fear or retaliation are not using the fb system for what it was meant to be

    You were right to neg her, just reply to her retailatory neg saying something like "retaliatory fb, seller did not follow through with sale" or something like that. it will not hurt your business at all