Retaliatory Feedback Rant!

  1. I am sooooo sick of seeing, blatant, retaliatory feedback on eBay. :tdown:

    I can't stand the fact that some people have the temerity to, effectively, state that they are leaving a negative, just because they have received one.

    Feedback is there to comment on the transaction, not on one's displeasure at having been left a negative for something one did wrong. :nogood:

    I received a retaliatory negative feedback, myself, from a seller the other day.

    I had done nothing wrong, that I know of; I contacted the seller before the end of the auction, I paid almost immediately, if not immediately and when the item didn't arrive, I sent polite emails.

    This seller did not reply to my pre auction-close contact (that I know of), they did not sent the item, they did not contact me with an explanation (although, they now claim they did), they did not refund me, they did not reply to any of my (polite) emails asking where the item was and they did not reply to any of Paypal's emails; when I was forced to file a dispute and then escalate it to a claim! :wtf:

    I left her a neg, as I can't risk others being treated the same way, over something more expensive.

    The seller now claims, in her retaliatory -ve feedback, that she; 'Explained circumstances of this sale. Unnecessary to leave negative feedback.', but even if she did and I didn't receive her explanation, for some reason; why on earth didn't she refund me? Or try to contact me, again, when I sent her an email saying that the item hadn't arrived? Or answer any of my, or PayPal's, emails? :shrugs:

    Honestly! A retaliatory neg over a $3.40 Chloe hanger, for goodness sake! :rolleyes: :roflmfao:

    If I sell anything in future, I will just have to state; '100% positive feedback from buyers!' in my auctions.

    I have emailed her again to say that I received no contact from her at all and that I like to think of myself as a reasonable person and that if she did contact me and the message went astray, to please let me know what she said, as I would hate to leave someone a negative who doesn't deserve it.

    Let's see if she responds, now! ;)

    TBH, I think that some people are sulkers, by nature and when things don't go, entirely, their way (e.g. something sells for less than they had hoped/they are selling a fake and are scared that the buyer will know), they shut down and refuse to communicate altogether.

    But, I'm afraid that is not how eBay (or life!) works.

    My point is - why do eBay allow retaliatory negatives? How is it logical to allow someone to leave a neg that says something like; 'Unnecessary to leave negative feedback.'?

    Surely, the whole point of feedback is to state how one feels about the transaction and if one is too scared to leave a neg. because one knows that one is likely to receive one in return saying the equivalent of; 'Boo Hoo, I don't like the fact that you negged me!', surely that makes a mockery of the entire feedback system?

    I think eBay should remove all negatives that merely complain about other negatives. :yes:
  2. Wow, sorry you had to deal with this!
    That's a really dumb fb comment to leave, it doesn't even comment on the transaction, just says it was unnecessary to leave negative feedback. That doesn't help anyone to know WHY the transaction went south.

    Anyway this same situation happened to me recently with the buyer not replying to any of my or paypal's emails regarding my item. I had to get my money back THROUGH paypal. The item? A little booket I bought for $5.99 around Thanksgiving.

    I left the seller a very factual negative stating that I never received the item, that I hadn't heard from them since Dec. 12th and they never responded to the paypal claim I filed. They've listed items since then so I'm just hoping they don't decide to leave a retailitory fb comment....not that it would make a dent on my fb but still.

  3. Exactly! :yes:

    Of course, she probably didn't want to admit why the tranaction went south, did she? As it was, almost certainly, her fault (unless all her emails were going astray [including those to Paypal!] and/or her repeated attempts to refund me had failed, for some unknown reason!). :lol:

    Ugh! It's so annoying when it's for such a small thing, isn't it? But people can't expect to get away with really bad behaviour, just because it's for a small thing. :nogood:

    The only other time I left a neg (even though, I really should have left several, over the years!) was for a Chloe bag that arrived in very bad, SNAD condition. When the seller threatened to leave a neg in return and I said; 'Well, it is your prerogative to leave a retaliatory negative, of course, but I don't see how it would be fair, as I did nothing wrong.'.

    She didn't leave me one (as I think she knew I would answer that it was retaliatory and it would just draw more attention to her behaviour [which this one will do to this seller's, too, at least]).

    Instead, she left a reply under my feedback for her saying; 'LIAR bag as described sellers beware - buyer looks for bogus issues for return'; which is absolutely untrue, of course. I mean, really, why would anyone bother to buy a bag, just to return it? Especially, in my case, one I had been looking for (and had even posted a WIN for!) for a year! :shrugs:

    BTW, I'm very glad to hear it won't leave a dent in your fb if she does leave you a retaliatory neg, at least. :tup:
  4. I received my first neg. about 2 months ago and I was also the wronged party. I purchased a Game Cube game for my son and waited 3 weeks and never received it. Each time they gave a reasonable response so I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but after waiting a month for a $20 item and no tracking info., I filed a non-receipt and received a refund from Paypal. Never heard back from the seller for 2 months and then "wham!" out of nowhere, they leave me a neg. with a reason of "whatever". :wtf:?! I did not expect that at all and I even left them a neutral because I got my $$ back and didn't want to deal with it anymore and since there was communication, felt that it didn't warrant a neg. but that really burned a hole in me because it ruined my perfect 100% feedback. I called eBay support and they said they couldn't do anything but I could try to contact the seller to see if we can "mutually agree to withdrawal the feedback".... fat chance of that since they are no longer a registered member. I could've gone through Square Trade to have them remove it but didn't want to pay $30 to have it removed (ridiculous). In a nutshell, I have that 1 unwarranted neg. feedback and am still pis@#ed to this day!:cursing:

  5. Did you leave them the neutral after they had left you the neg for nothing?

    If so, you are, obviously, a saint, Louis! :yes:

    Ugh (again!), why should we have to withdraw our legitimate feedback, just to have them withdraw their retaliatory and unwarranted feedback?

    eBay, again, proving that the feedback system is a complete joke. :rolleyes:

    Again, why should we have to pay to have retaliatory, unwarranted feedback removed?

    So, the feedback system is not only inaccurate and unrepresentative; it is also corrupt, as it involves bribery! :wtf:

    I don't blame you! :nogood:

    My only consolation, is that it tells bad sellers that I am not an easy target, or a walkover and that I know my rights and if necessary, I will file a dispute and leave a neg. :yes:

    TBH, I was starting to feel like a sitting duck with 113 feedbacks, all of them positive, as how many eBayers have had 183 transactions and had all of them be positive? :shrugs:

    I felt that it was looking, more and more, like I would never leave a neg, whatever happened to me...
  6. I feel for you CHLOE, same thing happened to me all ebay did was give me a number for
    squaretrade, so I have to pay to remove a neg fedback that I did not deserve?
    great!so dumb!
  7. Lol yeah, exactly. In that case, it's obvious that it was retalitory.

    But yeah I've left about 7 negatives, mostly for buyers who never paid. Most of them went NARU soon after, too.
    In one case, this buyer went out of her way emailing me every couple of hours to let me know that she did intend on paying and was on her way out the door to buy a money order. Well of course, I never received that money order (for ahem, $3.99).
    The highest item I've ever gotten stiffed for was $30, and again, the buyer emailed me a few times to let me know her check was on the way. Then her paypal was on the way. And nope, neither arrived. :nogood:
  8. Exactly! The one neg I have is from a girl who was a member for 2 months and was NARU's right after she neg'd me. She had 4 negatives (one of which was mine) for selling items and never sending them. How is that MY fault and why do I have to pay to have a negative removed from someone who was clearly abusing Ebay? it's so lame. :cursing:
  9. I received a retalitory neg FB a few months ago from a seller who sold me a counterfeit LV -- it was unbelievable! I really had to fight to get my money back. And I had to send the fake bag back to her at my expense! It was ridiculous.

    I did opt to use Square Trade, however, and for $30 her negative was removed from my account, thus restoring my 100% pos FB. The best part about it was that the neg I left her remained.

    I'd highly recommend it if it's really bothering you. Yes, it's a ripoff that you have to pay $30 but for me it was worth it.
  10. chloe, I left that neutral after she left me a neg.... by accident. I was so ticked off that I checked the neutral instead of the neg. circle but I did do a follow-up to the feedback left by saying that it should've been a neg. I originally didn't even bother leaving any feedback because I had my $$ back and bought my son another game and went about my business. I just goes to show that some ppl are just plain mean.
  11. I take feedback with a grain of salt, as we all know a seller can have 100% positive and be an awful crook. I've had good experiences with sellers who had a few negatives left for spite.
  12. it was probably better to not leave feedback imo. if you dont leave a positive, people will always retaliate with a negative.

  13. :yes:

    It's just wrong, isn't it?

    Thanks, BTW. :flowers:

  14. Isn't it wierd that people do that for such small amounts? :shrugs:

    I mean, I could understand it if someone, in a moment of weakness, hit BIN on a $1,000+ item they couldn't afford; but $3.99? :blink:

    Makes me wonder if it's children?

  15. Oh, I see! :yes: How annoying for you. :tdown:

    At least you left a follow-up. :yes:

    From your previous post, I thought; 'Wow! This person must be the nicest person on earth!'! :lol:

    Absolutely. :yes: :sad: