Retaliation from past buyer

  1. I recently posted a thread about a buyer who bidded and won the phone auction i had up, and then accused me of shill bidding and then take it back and asked if i would lower the price of the final sale. Of course i said no, and now i have a feeling that he's making up all these bogus eBay id's and bidding on my items.

    I've posted up three auctions since then; 2 used video games and 1 pair of shoes. Both times the winning bidder of my auction had zero feedback and never ends up paying. And the name that belongs to the id is really obvious, i.e. jessica alba and charles gibson and the accts were created all in this month. I have a feeling its the same guy making these id's and keeps bidding on my items to get back at me for reporting him as nonpaying bidder and relisting my item. It's getting real old and i'm getting pissed off. I probably should have not allowed bidders without paypal to bid but i totally didnt think anyone would stoop this low and have this kind of time on thier hands. Is there anything i can do to report him? I dont really have proof...but seriously 3 auctions all zero feedback and all created recently, wat are the odds they all found my auctions???? And all the items ended more than it probably should have. OMG i'm getting so mad, all this relisting and reporting non paying to get my fees back is getting on my nerves. :cursing:
  2. You can change the template in your auctions and not allow buyers with 0 or less than a certain amount bid. They will automatically be blocked. Sheesh! Some people.....good luck and let us know how it works out!
  3. I would just accept buyers with paypal since you can only set up your account to not allow bidders with 2 strikes within 30 days. It really does suck they dont have a feature to let you not accept 0 feedback ebayers. You can put it in your auction if you have less than 10 feedback you must get permission to bid and if you bid anyway you will be reported for malicious bidding. Usually works. I have to constantly monitor auctions for crazies. My buyer requirement list of people who have tried to bid is crazy people with no feedback and feedback in the negative
  4. report all the ID's for harassment, and hopefully eBay will take care of the rest.
  5. I really want to report him but i have no idea how i'm going to explain to eBay that hey this guy is harassing me here. Only thing with stating in the auction about not allowing people with less than 10 feedbacks bid is that i have to monitor it. And usually the person will bid last minute and i dont have enough time to take off the bid. Its really dumb and its getting frustrating!! I'm def. going to change my auctions for paypal bidders only!

    -I think i will report all the id's. I know ebay tracks isps i think...correct me if im wrong. But hopefully this guys gets suspended. sheesh.
  6. So now he/she is turning into a bloody stalker?!:cursing:what is wrong with people?block zero fb from your auctions.
  7. Trust me ebay's not going to listen if you report them, I've had 20 IDs from the same person on my blocked list! Just set your preferences to what's said above, and then if all fails, do this:

    Site Map > Selling Activities - Block Bidder/Buyer List > Add an ebay user to my Blocked Bidder/Buyer list

    Just separate IDs with spacebar. Tedious but user will give up after a while, after all it takes some effort to start a new ID.
  8. All the people that keep saying to block people with zero feedback, this can not be done!!

    As for this loser wrecking your auctions. You MUST report all the ID's to eBay because they track IP addresses and will be able to see if they are coming from the same user.

    I would also make all your auctions that the only payment form you will accept is Paypal, this will stop anyone who hasn't tied their Paypal account to their ID thus enabling eBay to make it easier to stop this person.
  9. I've relisted my auction with paypal bidders only...i really hope this discourages him!

    I have no more question, how do you report the id's?! I've never had a problem like this before and i cant seem to find where i can report him. Please help! Thanks!
  10. Go to help and on the left it has contact us
  11. Aggggh, how irritating! Definitely report the IDs to ebay--at the very least, hopefully they can track the isps and BAN his a$$! Bets of luck to you azhangie; it's so stupid that things like this happen to GOOD sellers!
  12. man that loser must really have NO life to constantly stalk your auctions and shill bid! $&#*#@(!!
  13. yep the last id he made up was pretty ridiculous. It was jesicca something with numbers...and when the person won the auction i saw that the name was "jessica alba", i mean come on why would in the world would buy my used jeans?!!? I instantly knew, because the last auctions all ended with a new ebay member with zero feedback and accts created in the last two weeks and all with numbers at the end of the id. I mean come on!!!!
  14. You can report a buyer (or multiple user ID's that you know are all concocted by the same person) for malicious bidding or harassment at:

    select "Problems with buyers" --> "User is bidding/buying to harass seller or prevent sale"

    I've used that once before with a 0-feedback buyer from Nigeria who made up 4 new ID's one after another and kept doing B.I.N. on my auctions as well as a bunch of other high-end item auctions. I got tired of manually blocking one ID after another knowing it was the same person and reported it to eBay. eBay tracked down their IP and in a day or two banned all the ID's.....well so far so good, haven't had that buyer harass me again in over a year.

    Also there's the "Buyer violated listing terms (US-only listing, no negative feedback, etc.)" option available if that applies (say if a buyer keeps bidding on your auctions despite not meeting your bidder req'ts to begin with).
  15. Totally make it so that 0 feedback can not bid!! I would still report the user id's too. Good Luck!!