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  1. yeah, i'm not complaining, my boss likes me, i got the day before christmas off :nuts:
  2. I worked retail once and it was for Camelot Music. It was a popular hang-out spot. There were some perks to working there such as meeting people from the record companies; getting free CDs (not the five-finger discount approach); and listening to music all day long. I hated the work attire---denim shirt and khaki pants yuck!

    I left as soon as we got a new manager. He had this I-am-the-manager attitude. You know, the type that ain't worth a bag of pennies without their job title.

    Since I worked retail, I have a better appreciation for the SAs (the long hours on your feet, low pay, demanding sales-driven managers and irrational customers). Yet, I know how to give good customer service, as well as get it because of my experience in retail. The secret: For customers and SAs to gain a positive experience, each person must show empathy, courtesy, and the willingness to compromise. If one element is missing, all hell will break loose.