Retail Vs. Resale? How do you buy?

Jan 28, 2010
There are some great looking collections here ..and Im already itching for my next find! BUT I cannot bring myself to pay retail for these great Designer/Couture bags.(Chanel, Gucci, LV, are some of my favs) With so many online "resale" sights, almost everything can be found.

Just curious, do you buy retail or resale?

Thanks, and happy shopping


Jul 26, 2006
Both! You're right, it is hard to pay retail prices sometimes. I have paid retail for certain designer bags that are not easy to locate, but the popular ones (LV, Chanel, Balenciaga...I don't own any of these though) can easily be found in resale shops or consignement shops. Often times they are in near new condition. It may be old to someone else but its new to me!!