Retail vs. Ebay

  1. How much above retail would you be willing to pay for an out of circulation bag with a great print placement? Forestas, Originals, Playgrounds, etc.?
  2. All the old bags, I'm not willing to pay above retail at all. I didn't like the prints to begin with. If I could get a deal on it, I'd consider buying it. Other than that, I can do without those prints. The only print I would pay above retail is for Amore.
  3. I wouldn't pay more than $10-20 over retail....and that would have to include shipping.
  4. A lot of bags are under retail the pirata BV on eBay- sold for 102$ I really wanted it but didn't get there on time to bid! it had all 5 girls on both sides!
  5. I paid like 30 dollars over retail for my foresta gioco, but it had an awesome print placement (in my opinion) and there was no other way for me to get a foresta (tokidoki is non-existent where I live) oh well!