Retail Therapy

  1. So it has been a really tough year for me physically. I have had a lot going on. I am, hopefully, on the road to recovery...and so I thought....what would make me feel even better?

    I had been in to Hermes about a month ago and fell in LOVE :girlsigh:...but they did not have the color I wanted.

    A little persistence...and....

    Should I do a strip tease???? :yahoo:
    new.jpg new 2.jpg
  2. Oh, POTH, don't tease us so!! Show us what's in the box!!!
  3. Oh okay here we go. Lemme go get a dollar....
  4. let us see it!!!! wooohooo!

    and i hope you feel like 100% soon!
  5. [​IMG]

    Show a leg! A leg!
  6. WAAH! Waiting!!!
  7. Does anyone want to guess? :graucho:
    new3.jpg new4.jpg
  8. I'm with Angelfish...

    show some skin!!! show some skin!!! show some skin!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    A shoe? An anklet?

    Is it a 35cm Marron Fonce Evergrain Birkin?
  10. etoupe lindy!?!?

  11. NOPE!!!​


  12. Hmmm, it looks like it has one handle. Chocolate Kelly?
  13. I think she's being slick and covering one handle up to throw us off? :graucho:
  14. Not chocolate...not kelly.

    When I went to Hermes, I met a really nice SA. I only bought a twilly but gave her a list of 3 things I was looking for. Never heard from her. I called her back 3 weeks later..after someone on here posted that they saw the bag I was obsesses with there-yay PF!!!!! She told me she would check. Half an hour later she called me back and said that someone had it on hold for a customer and the customer had never come in to pick it up. That afternoon it was on it's way to me!!! :yahoo:

    Any final guesses???


  15. :graucho: