Retail Therapy

  1. Im guilty :tup:
    What about you, confess your sins :graucho:

    Retail therapy seems to cure least temporarily.
  3. Eh, I sometimes buy expensive stuff just so I can see it hanging in my closet rather then on my back. Not the best habit..
  4. Guilty. But more window shopping therapy and plotting future purchases. Almost as good as retail therapy lol
  5. Yes, completely!

    I have an injured foot. What do I do? Buy ten pairs of shoes.
  6. 100% guilty
  7. totally guilty ..but I try to hit sales too and make up for overspending with great deals :shame::graucho:
  8. Its so bad I kind of look forward to having a bad day haha.
    I was having a terrible/depressy week last week, On the weekend I went and bought $250 in makeup.....I have been in a decent mood since. I was exstatic the first few days after haha...
  9. Sooo guilty. Actually, I don't even think it's therapy. Just a habit. I swear, I make excuses to go to the mall. One of the malls (a higher end mall - bad for me) is very close to my home and there is also a Safeway attatched to it. I like to go in for Milk and come out with 2 Coach purses!

    Come to think of it, I have to get milk today.............
  10. I have a department store a block from my apartment..Its not highend but the fact its affordable just means I feel like I can buy more...:graucho: There is a grocerystore in it and Ironically the enterance that is closest for me passes the SHOE (my ultimate weakness...more than bags) section to get to the grocery store....needless to say what usually happens..:rolleyes:
  11. :tup: Bad news, The mall is having a sidewalk sale. Usually, Rock&Republic jeans (denim is my ultimate weakness other than handbags. But very close to the shoes!) they are going for 140CAD. Usually they round up to about 350!! The BF will be home later today so I think I'll be making a stop over.... I just can't resist. hahaha. I tried. I heard about it 4 days ago and did not step foot onto the premises. But... the pull is too strong.
  12. Guilty 100%. Plus, hate to admit it, most of the working day I do "windows shopping" in the Internet, visiting internet shops (esp. NAP) and lusting over all the great things.
  13. G-U-I-L-T-Y!!

    I think I proved that today :shame:
  14. use it alot:yes:
    DH travels and I get lonely. . .
    you know the rest! LOL!
  15. So guilty! But I'm honestly trying to stop...