Retail therapy: the Sequel!!

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  1. OK, with no job (for now!) I know I should not be spending time shopping, what with gardening and more home projects on the list.

    But OH WELL!! I found this adorable sundress at Nordstrom - perfect for a GF's baby shower!


    AND...over to Salon Shoes to meet up with one of my fave SA's...

    Come see my fabulous new Stuart Weitzman peeptoe slingbacks!! They are amazing with the dress...and will be with jeans too :yahoo:.
    weitzman pumps Jul07.jpg Weitzman pumps Jul07a.jpg
  2. Fab shoes!
    I love how Weitzman makes his heels so cute AND comfortable.
  3. ^^ Seriously!!
  4. Of course you had to buy that cute dress with those cute shoes! How could you not? They're perfect together!
  5. I love the dress! So cute!
  6. oooh gorgeous outfit. and hey, we always find THE best things when we shouldnt be buying them - thats the law ;)