Retail prices

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  1. Hello all. I am looking for info on retail prices on Chanel Cambon line. I know that there is no Chanel website that offers this or a catalogue.

    Can anyone help me out? :smile: I particularly want to know the prices for the Cambon totes, bowler & multipocket reporter.

  2. When I got my Cambon large tote, it was $1425. Hope that helps.
  3. Yes it does. Thanks!
  4. You always call the Chanel customer service center :smile: It possible, ask them to add them to their mailing list-- now and then they send me catalogues with prices on them too. I was added though after I purchased from them.
  5. I asked if they had a catalogue, but they said no. I wonder now if it is only for "established" customers.
  6. I called a chanel boutique & they said that chanel ligne cambon pochette is $975...this seems higher than what I thought. Does anyone know?
  7. I think that's right...

  8. Thanks! I was thinking it was around $700 but maybe I was confused with another line!
  9. :weird: The Cambon Pochette is now $975? When I purchased it last year (the black on pink), it was $695. I know they had a price increase sometime in between then and now, and it was upped to $795. Did they have another increase? :Push:
  10. The reporter is somewhere around $2600 for the mini and more for the regular size.
  11. Maybe the SA gave me wrong information...I thought the price was right around what you mentioned! VERY disappointing!:sad2:
  12. I think Chanel has raised their prices. Unless I remember incorrectly, I didnt' pay more than $1,300 for my black 2.55. These days they're going for over $1,500?

  13. i was at the boutique last week, and the pochette was $795. ;)
  14. I find the SAs at Chanel to be very inconsistant with product information. Its frustrating. I really enjoy the product knowledge of LV and the internet access that I have to full line information. I dont get that from Chanel. Its all so secretive. Well not secretive...but not user friendly.


  15. I did not know that they could be inconsistant. Maybe I will give another bougtique a call today & hope for another answer! I'll keep you all posted if I find out anything new!!