Retail prices

  1. Is there any sort of Coach reference as far as retail prices on items that aren't current? I'm just thinking of when I see older stuff on eBay or at like a TJMaxx store, I sometimes have no idea of the retail price and therefore, no clue if a price is good or not. Some Coach bags I've seen at those shops don't have the correct tag or pricing and I know I can't depend on an eBay seller to always include that info either. I'm new to Coach so I don't know the older stuff too well.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. isn't most stuff from tj maxx usually about 30-50% off retail?
  3. yup. plus they usually come with the Coach price tag attatched.
  4. ^yeah, all the coach bags i've seen at places like tj maxx still have the coach tag attached...
  5. Well lately I've seen a few with the wrong tag attached. Like the tag has a different style number than the creed and the description is off. For example, a small denim bag I saw had a tag that said "poppy sig wristlet" or something to that effect. I don't recall exactly but it was clearly the wrong tag and I've seen it a couple times now so it got me wondering. This is mainly at Marshalls that I've seen this happening.
  6. if you can take a clear pic with a cell phone maybe and post it here we can probably be of more help.
  7. Thanks, I'll try to do that next time I see it.