Retail Prices on Thedas

  1. Ok.. my next item i want is the Theda
    But am just wondering what the retail prices were on the:

    - Mono
    - M/C
    - Mono Mini/Canvas (plain)
    - Strass

    I keep eyeing the ones on eBay but they're so $$$

    Can anyone help??
    Many Thanks
  2. hey - the mono was 2100 when i bought mine and the multis were 2600ish when i bought them. don't know about the others - i wasn't privvy enough to have those - just the three others. :nuts:
  3. From my knowledge:
    Monogram Canvas Canvas Theda PM- $1,920 USD
    Monogram Multicolore Canvas Theda PM- $2,140 USD

    Monogram Canvas Theda GM- $2,300 USD
    Monogram Multicolore Canvas Theda GM- $2,600 USD

    Theda Strass' that came in Turquoise, Aubegeine, and Beige- $6,550 USD
  4. are the theda's still available in store or eluxury?
  5. Oh they are so beautiful! :love::drool:
  6. Nope... the Theda is sadly discontinued. :crybaby:
  7. really discontinued?
  8. oh I love the Theda!
    That is one of the only styles I totally regret not purchasing
    I hope you're able to locate an authentic seller that has one.
    Good luck
  9. I hope you find one! The Theda is my all-time favourite (especially the gold one)!
  10. I wish I could say I was kidding, but it really is discontinued. :sad:
  11. for quite a while now!