retail prices of chanel j12 in bahamas is super cheap!!

  1. I am on vacation in the bahamas and I just wanted you ladies to know that the j12 prices here are cheaper and there is no tax either!!!

    the 33mm plain goes for $3100, 33mm diamond markers is $3900 and 33mm diamond bezel is $8075!!!

    if anyone is looking for good deals on j12's and needs a vacation soon, come to the bahamas!

    i am trying to decide which one i want and which color now, when i wasn't even planning on getting one for a little while.

    does anyone know the current retail of each of these three watches in the states now? they told me they were about 10% cheaper plus no tax charges. i would like to know the exact current retails on any of these if possible. tia!

    let me know if you would me to check on any of the other watches or size for you guys, i would be happy to help! they have ruby markers and size 38mm ones also!
  2. whaaat! i want the black with diamond markers!
  3. wow thanks. i'll keep that in mind when i get a chance to go to the bahamas.
  4. You should also try to negotiate. They might do even better on the price. I have friends who buy all their watches from the Bahamas and they get great prices.
  5. oh interesting kbd, i didn't know you could do that! is this possible even at a high end hotel shop?? any tips on how to go out bargaining? thanks!
  6. I was there a year ago and didn't see anything remotely Chanel related.
    Where specifically? The Bahamas are big :biggrin:
  7. what? My family are from the CARRIBEAN- maybe I should head there on my next hlidays to score a J12! Thanx
  8. What about bag? Do you see any interesting bag?
  9. This is at a watch shop at the Atlantis hotel Crystal Court Shops on Paradise Island that also sells rolexes, cartiers and other expensive watches. It's called John Bull's.
  10. bagchic,
    nope i didn't see any chanel purses here, only watches and makeup.
  11. ^^that's where I was when I went. They didn't have any then for me to enjoy:sad:
    I did however, enjoy drooling at the Bvlgari windows!!:drool:
  12. Would they ship and take phone orders?

    I was there a few yrs ago. I didn't buy anything though.
  13. :wtf: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    John Bull wasnt selling Chanel watches when i was at Atlantis last July!