retail prices of balenciaga bags

  1. Hello,

    Just wanting to get the expertise of balenciaga lovers, and wanted to know how much the retail prices of balenciaga bags are, including city, work, twiggy, sac... i just recently got a twiggy and hope to get more balenciaga in the future and i guess, it would help to know how much I would need to save up to have a pretty decent collection of balenciaga bags...thanks so much..
  2. City is $1195
    First is $995
    Twiggy is $1050

  3. The City is $1195. The Work, I believe is $1295. Not sure about the others. The First/Classique is $995, but that's not on your list.

    Oops...I see we posted at the same time!
  4. oh and the weeekender is $1385
  5. thank u..gosh, now i just need to save some more...
  6. Hee! This forum had me counting my pile o' change tonight.