Retail Prices in Paris

  1. I am planning on getting a Birkin and Kelly, but I'm not sure what the realistic prices are in the Paris stores. I need to make an informed decision on whether to pay a over retail for what I find now or wait until Paris.

    What are the approximate Paris retail prices for these combos:

    1) Porosus croc Birkin 35
    2) Gold croc (if they exist?) Birkin 35
    3) Gold Swift or Togo Birkin 35
    4) Black Swift or Togo Birkin 35
    5) Black Box Kelly 32
    6) Black Croc Kelly 32
    7) Gold Box Kelly 32
    8) Black Box Birkin 35

    Thank you! :yes:
  2. prices are substantially lower then anywhere else (and about resellers prices we do not even have to talk ´bout that) so i say wait till paris and then if you do not get things there or at your local boutique there are alway the resellers. so no need to fork out the premium at this moment.
  3. I was in Paris this summer and a birkin35 in togo was 5200 euros
  4. I would like to add to the question list a paris bombay bag, does anyone know the price? I haven't seen too many of them, are they not liked that much?
  5. When you buy in Paris, you pay the VAT and, when you get to the airport, you fill out the appropriate forms before you leave the country (or the E.U.) and Hermes will subsequently credit your credit card bill by the amount of the VAT. It is substantial, somewhere between 12 and 15%, if I recall. So the 5200 Euro bill gets credited by about 600 or 700 Euros.
  6. WOW! It's really not that expensive then.

    Not to exaggerate, but some of the resellers' prices are so ridiculous that a new B and a trip to Paris cost less.

    It will be worth the wait. I would like the entire experience of buying a handbag in H's Faubourg or George V store on a chilly Parisian autumn evening. I used to be that kid looking inside the H store from outside. I would love to be on the opposite side of the window.
  7. I was in Paris last weekend at the Faubourg store. They had everything, and many kellys and birkins at the store room. You just need to ask for the exact size and colour.

    I started off buying a Lindy 34 Euro 3400, 3 scarves and 1 tie, and the SA said, do you have anything else that you want to see? I think I may have something else to offer. Then she brought out a 32 Rose Shocking Ostritch Kelly and Brown box and horsehair HAC for me to look at, unfortunately they were not my style. I saw other ladies looking at matte croc birkins, Lindys, box Kellys in various sizes and Lizard Kelly Clutch.

    I later also purchased a Kelly Longue, which was EURO 2330. The Tax was 19.6% but only 10% was refunded, the rest goes to admin cost.
  8. Lucky you.. :yahoo: Enjoy your new items!!!:nuts: