Retail Prices in France

  1. As I'm travelling to Paris shortly I was wondering about the retail prices for b-bags there (First, City, Twiggy, Box).

    Where can I find the the biggest selection?

    THX in advance.
  2. There is the Printemps that has a decent selection. Don't know the prices, except the First, which is 820e
  3. I don't know about Paris but Belgium (neighbour country, it will be more or less the same): first €800, city €800, hobo €6?? and weekender €1030
  4. The prices are first 830€, city 898€ the others like twiggy and purse are in between. But those prices can vary up to 10€ depending on the store.
  5. If you live in the states, you would be better off buying your B-Bag here ... the Euro is VERY strong against the dollar (as is the GPB) ... PLUS ... you will have to declare it upon your return (> $800). The customs duty will be anything from 1% - 2% (the amount greater than $800); it really depends on the Customs Agent (sometimes they will give you a break and other times they are hard-:censor: ).

    I don't find that the Balenciaga store in Paris has any better selection(s) than here; the only difference is that the Fall bags [may] be there if you go in the next couple of weeks (I believe that they are expected here in the states in July).

    If you find something that you absolutely MUST have, make sure to bring your passport with you in order to get the VAT (Value-added Tax) back. I believe the VAT is around 18% (yowza)! When you leave the EU, you will need to go to the Customs Agent and get the paperwork stamped and then send the paperwork to the self-addressed envelope provided to you at the time of sale. It is always better to have them credit your Credit Card; if you request cash ... and you want the cash back in USD, you will pay the price (because they will "exchange" the euro --> dollars = YOU LOSE :mad: !).

    Now ... here's the really important part ... if you are traveling to multiple countries within the EU, YOU GO TO CUSTOMS IN THE LAST COUNTRY. The minute you step out of the EU, you cannot get the VAT back! So ... let's say you start off in England, then to France, to Italy and then back to England. You must get the VAT back in Italy BEFORE you go back to England ...why??!?!?!? ... because England is NOT part of the EU!! Ireland is, but England and Scotland are not.

    I would strongly recommend that you review the U.S. Customs site before you go, so that you see what is "allowable" to bring in (I see way too many tourists attempting to bring back cheese, meats, etc. - then to have the items confiscated by the Customs/Agriculture folks).

    Have fun!!!
  6. I couldn't agree more with CeeJay. The exchange rate is so bad right now--plus there's customs to worry about--that you would end up spending much more for a Bbag in France, appealing as it might be to shop there....

    I know that must be very disappointing, but I've taken several European trips the last couple of years, and its the sad truth...
  7. England is part of the EU as the whole of UK is part of the EU from what I know.
  8. I was thinking the same :blink:
  9. Many thanks for all the helpful replies.

    The good this is that I am from Switzerland (not part of the EU). I will therefore get reimbursed for the VAT (currently 12% being reimbursed) :biggrin:
  10. I think this is right too. My brother is heading to France in two weeks so I did some research on prices of bbags, Chanel and LV. You don't save much if anything on bbags and Chanel. You still do get good deals though on LV.
  11. I should have clarified ... yes, England is part of the EU ... but you don't use the Euro (you still use Pounds Sterling). As such, you cannot get the VAT back in the UK ... you have to do it in a country that has the Euro as their currency.

    The same thing with Switzerland ... they still use the Swiss Franc.

    Believe me ... I learned the HARD way in both cases!!
  12. Yeah ...that's the strange thing ... Louis Vuitton is cheaper in France!!!

    Not only that, but they have merchandise which you would have to 'order' here in the states. I have done my pocketbook (pun intended) significant damage on L/V goods in France, but it was worth it!!
  13. Ceejay, I think you are wrong with regards to VAT reimbursement. The local currency doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is not being a citizen of an EU country. UK is a member of the EU that's why VAT isn't reimbursed.
  14. Yes ... if you live in the EU, you would not get the VAT back.

    I was talking about us Yanks who should get the VAT back. When I flew from Italy to London (and didn't have enough time to get the customs forms stamped), I was told "nope ... you had to do it in Italy"); the same when I flew from Italy to Zurich.
  15. The box is 755€ and the Purse is 776€ at the Balenciaga Boutique on Avenue George V. ("V" stands for "5")