Retail prices for spy bags...

  1. I'm looking to buy my very first spy bag and I think I want either the blueberry or petrol. I don't know much about the bags. Can someone tell me how much each one would retail for? I'm eyeing a nice petrol on eBay right now!
  2. Well, the petrol is not in production now, so any Spy that you bid on would be a pre owned one.

    For your first spy, I really would recommend purchasing from a store, as there are ALOT of fakes on eBay.

    NAP has the Blueberry in stock, the retail price is 1100 gb pounds

    Fendi Leather Spy bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    details there

    if you are considering eBay, please put all the details in the authenticate thread and make sure its the real macoy.
  3. ^ she's been trying to sell that sucker for ages!
  4. ^^ Yes and everytime she keeps on raising the prices - getting a bit greedy I think
  5. yes, you would think if she hadnt sold it, she should be dropping the price lol!, as the price would be the only reason for not going for this bag!!

    doesnt make sense does it?
  6. does not indeed does not
  7. Okay, so do any of you have an opinion on what a reasonable price would be to pay for this petrol spy?
  8. I would really watch buying a used Spy bag, some of the older ones don't wear well so if the original owner didn't take care of it, it can turn out not to be such a value to buy one that is not retail. You really have to be careful who you buy from.