Retail price on Wave Hobo? Its on Bluefly...

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  1. HI,
    I'm new to Gucci and I have this bag in my shopping cart but I don't know if I'm getting a good deal or not. Its called the Wave Hobo. Its priced at $680 on Bluefly. Also, do you know if I can carry this on my shoulder? Thanks!![​IMG]
  2. I just saw it up there and I tried to add it to my cart and it said it is not available. Since you have it in yours. :crybaby:

    I really want to tell you it is a horrible deal and have
    you remove it from your cart and I snatch it up. But I really hate telling you this it is an AMAZING deal. DON'T FORGET TO ADD COUPON CODE SHOP337 for another 20% off making it $544.00.

    Yes it can be worn on your shoulder. It is a really bad photo of this bag. Check it out on they might have a better photo.
  3. Thanks! This will be my first Gucci. Do you happen to know what it retailed for?
  4. It retails for $850 and then you add tax you are looking at $920 and you will be getting it for $544 for a savings of $376.

    GREAT DEAL!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Yay...I'm so excited. :smile:
  6. congrats its a wonderful bag!!! I tried it on and it will losen up and really sit well.

  7. Kind of OT but you're so honest when you gave the OP your honest opinion so she could grab the bag! I commend members who will not be greedy and help other members out despite their own desires and motivation! :okay:

    I like that bag too!
  8. Yes, thank you! I got the bag today and I love it. I'm always in the Chanel forum so this is my first Gucci. And i'm so psyched on the deal i got!!! Thanks again Beljwl for being honest!!
  9. hiya.I just got the wave hobo in guccissima too. :smile:
  10. Congrats on the bag and you got it for a great deal!!!
  11. I am so happy that you love it. Congrats!!! Please post pictures
  12. such a good deal cant believe i missed out on that congrats
  13. congrats on your beautiful bag!
  14. congrats! does this fit over the shoulder?
  15. Yea it fits over my shoulder great. I will definitely post pics. Thx!