Retail price on the Black Cavier Petit Shopper?

  1. Can someone tell me what the retail price is?
    Its the Black Cavier with Gold chain details

    Thanks for your help.
    Chanel Newbie
  2. I am not sure but think it is $1250 :confused1: Ladies does that sound right?
    I have only the GSTs.
  3. yes, thats what I paid for mine a couple months ago...
  4. didn't the pst go up with the price increase? anyone know what it is now?
  5. As of November 1st, it is still at $1250 at Neiman's. However, on the 3rd, the price will go up. I snagged my PST (the last one, I was told) at NM Tyson's Corner today.
  6. ^
    I've told that the price increase will be tomorrow as well (I thought it'll be Sat :push:smile: