Retail price of trapeze PM

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know what was the retail price of the trapeze Pm in pink? let-trade now have the bag. I really wnat it, Do you all think its' a good deal? thanks alot :heart:
  2. I saw that bag on let-trade, it is gorgeous! If it's a good price, get it!
  3. the retail was $1140
  4. I saw that one on let-trade's site, I think it's a great price!
  5. Sandra, do you know how much the GM retailed for ? Thanks!
  6. no. i only saw the PM in the store last April, and that was how i knew the price. i've never seen the GM in real life. but from pictures i've seen, it's REALLY BIG :wtf:
  7. The GM's were $1350.00 I believe there's a pic in the visual aid thread with the GM, and the person has it on her shoulder.. it seems pretty large.. I saw it IRL, but I can't remember the sizing on it.
  8. Yes, I know it's a bit HUGE, but I LOVE big bags and I'm tall enough that I can pull it off (I'm only 5'7" but it's enough:smile: ). I REALLY REALLY want a Trapeze GM, but that darn HuangFamily wants SO MUCH for it...I'm not sure it's a reasonable price...What do YOU think??
  9. if you make the purchase off eBay, she'll be willing to take a little off the price, because then she won't have to pay the eBay fees. that's what i did with her when i bought two bags together :yes:
  10. THANKS KOOKIE! I did see the pic you're talking about and I have the measurements, I just really needed to know the retail price to try to figure out if the HuangFamily's Trapezes are perhaps a little overpriced...
  11. Josephine? Is that who you're talkin about?
  12. yup yup :yes::yes:
  13. I have the GM and its not THAT huge, Sure its a large size bag, but nothing like the YSL muse or anything!

    The strap is medium length. Short enough to carry on the forearm and long enough to put on the shoulder. Heres a pic of it next to my speedy 30 and theyre about the same size.
  14. Right! Looks good to me:yes:

    Thanks a million, LondonBrat!
  15. should i get it? or not? hmmm.. does let-trade give discount? lol