Retail price? of this amazing Spy bag...

  1. :heart: I love this spy bag [​IMG] I know it's from the 2006 spring collection. Can anyone tell me the retail price?

    Thanks so much!
  2. OH! and any other information about the above bag is very much appreciated :smile:
  3. Kat

    There was an item about it in the PF Blog - will see if I can find it in there - you may get there before me!
  4. Hi Secret, Thank you so much for replying. If you can find the blog with the retail price I would so much appreciate it! I am new to this site.

  5. Secret, I remembered I did see a PF blog about this bag but it didn't mention the retail price..

  6. Kat

    Its called the Cracked Suede Spy - did a search on that - nothing about price on it. Maybe do a new posting now you know the name asking for a price of the Cracked Suede Spy

    Good luck - I will of course keep on looking for you
  7. Thank you so for the name Secret! so the bag is made of suede? I heard it was made of metallic leather. Ok I will do another post on here.. you're the

  8. excellent - i so knew I had seen it somewhere - not sure why it didnt come up on my search... Bit of a heft price tag though - are you contemplating it?? It is gorgeous.
  9. doh its prob cos I mis typed cackled instead of crackled! mmm too late in the evening for me here!
  10. Actually I will tell you a secret, secret (ha ha) I have the bag coming to me I own a business so I wanted to know the retail price to type it in the description. I didn't want to say I had a business because I didn't want to self promote, I know how some people don't like that. Where are you located? since you said it's late in the evening.

  11. Hi Kat

    Must have missed you last night when I logged off - I am in the UK so most threads seem to happen when I am asleep!! Excellent news on the bag - when do you think you will get it? You need to post the pics so I can drool over the keyboard.....
  12. Hi Secret,

    It's ok, I figured you went to sleep. I will be receiving the bag either Saturday or Monday. Yes I'll post the link when it's up :smile:
    Do you own a Fendi spy bag?
  13. Kat I own two (just about to be three) a cognac and white wisteria and hopefully collect my new blueberry next week. Here are the pics of my two babies - I love them - so want more and more of them. Where are you based then that keeps you on the PF when us lowly UKers are fast asleep?

  14. Wow Kats!! The crackled suede is my DREAM spy! It probably is way out of my price range :sweatdrop: but please please let us know when you get it in and post yummy pics!