Retail price of the "Purse"?

  1. Anyone know?:yes:
  2. i want to say $1095 although i'm not 10% on that...:huh:
  3. thanks that's what I was hoping.
  4. hehehe meant 100%, so happy it's friday...
  5. heheh, I was going to say.. what?? Just 10%?? Lol!:drinkup: Yay for Friday!!!
  6. I have also been eyeing the Purse... when is it available?! I need to take a break though, my funding has been officially depleted.
  7. Last year was $1095 --hope that is the cost this year as well... Love the purse!!
  8. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Anyone have a picture of the "Purse". Sorry, new to b-bags (I'm actually a LV girl.) Falling in LOVE w/ the city. Can't wait to see colors and try some on when I'm in Boston in a few weeks!
  10. yeppers, here's my emerald green tabbyco, feast your eyes on this baby :greengrin:
    DSCF2040 rev.jpg
  11. Beautiful!!!! Pardon the ignorance.... how does this differ from the city? Or are they the same? :shrugs:
  12. The purse fits easily over your shoulder (bigger handle drop then the city) does not have the width of the city (but a similar height and length) and does not have a detachable shoulder strap. The purse has NO measurable width because the front and back are sewn together all the way around the bag.
  13. Thanks... sounds right up my alley :yes:
  14. Here is a picture of mine in Bordeaux![​IMG]
  15. Love it! What year? Do I have to go on a major "search and destroy" mission?
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