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  1. Hello, anyone may remember USA retail price of this bag? My mommy said, she ever asked SA when it released on 2003 but it's unavalaible here and my mommy didn't remember the exact amount that SA told her. My mommy said that SA may told for something around $8,500 or 9,500 in USA. She can't remember exact amount. Anyone can help?

    Thanks :flowers:

    Pic below:

  2. maybe you can ask the person selling it on Ebay...or google/yahoo around..
  3. See this :
    Price from eluxury is US$6100.00
  4. Many thanks, IlovemyLVbag.

    A woman and mommy gave me wrong information.
  5. I was just gonna say it was $5800 before the increase in Feb... and as we all know now, its $6100!
  6. Matt is correct (or very close). I bought my white one for $ 4920 and that was about a year and a half to two years ago.