retail price of speedy 25?

  1. what is the retail price of the speedy 25 right now?
  2. 595 usd plus tax
  3. yeah, and Hawaii it's like $565, the 30 in continental us is $620 I believe....
  4. You know, someone at work showed me an article in Glamour, which promoted the mono Speedy as one of those luxury items you can afford...I think they quoted the wrong price! Whoever reads that and doesn't check it out will be in for a shock!
  5. Hahaha.. that would really suck. :Push:
  6. Yeah, I know! My co-worker was still shocked at the lower price! At least she won't know how much I really paid for my Damier 30! (She is one of the disapproving kind)
  7. Oh, one of those -she probably belongs to the jealous kind as well ! ;)
  8. Well, she likes to travel, so her money goes in the travel hole...I don't like to travel alone, I go with the b/f. She always my bags, though.
  9. Those magazines NEVER get the retail price right.
    I remember when the Multicolore Speedys came out, some magazine (like People or something) listed it as about $2100.
    And another listed the Chanel multipocket reporter as $3500.
    I guess they don't exactly check their facts..but that's why we have to :rolleyes: