retail price of silver mirror pouchette

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  1. What's the mirror pouchette's retail price?
    Are they all sold-out now?
  2. Retail price is $525.00 US dollars
  3. Thank you!:idea:
  4. in Dubai boutique they're available .. as of Thursday :flowers:
  5. They had a silver one at the Green Hills Boutique in TN yesterday.
  6. OH, that makes me want one too!! I love those pochettes that I've seen on this forum..
  7. Yeah there are definitely some still around. Both the South Coast Plaza and the boutique in the Saks there had the silver one only. Also the Horton Plaza store has the silver as well.
    I'm hoping I'll get a gold one for Christmas :graucho:
  8. Oak Brook Center outside Chicago has a couple at the Macy's store.
  9. im getting a silver one in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I don't think they are sold out. Just came back from LV store and they had 2.
  11. The Las Vegas LVstore has silver and gold.
  12. seems like they are still around. Good to know.
  13. They really all over the place. When it comes to LE merchandise, LV always makes plentiful the less expensive lines and makes the more expensive lines scarce. :yes: