Retail Price Of Patent Muse In France

  1. Hi all,

    Could somebody be of some assistance pls? I need to know the price of a BLACK PATENT MUSE IN MEDIUM in Paris. A friend of mine is going to be heading to there and i wanted to know if it's cheaper in Paris or London. London is selling for 770 pounds.

    thanks :smile:
  2. It must be cheaper in France.I would be in France next month and want to get a Muse but not patent.Would love to know the price as well
  3. I cannot answer your question, but I live in Europe, and being that YSL is French, it should be cheaper there...Also, EVERYTHING in London is more expensive. I shop in those two cities, and Paris is always cheaper.
  4. I just returned from a two week trip in Paris and bought my medium Muse patent there for 1195 euros. Hope this helps...