Retail price of medium city in UK

  1. Could someone tell me how much they retail for in UK? Thanks very much.
  2. £735.
    If anyone is still looking, Selfridges had a Rouge Vif last week.:heart:
  3. Thank you. Hmmm I thought they were cheaper in UK and Europe than US. Thanks.
  4. Balenciaga is so expensive in the UK!!! and it still sells out immediately!! bal bag blonde, have you seen any blue indias anywhere?
  5. Hi danae - Selfridges (again!). LOTS of them - or at least, there were a couple of weeks ago.
    I'll be in there on Friday - will check for you. What style?
  6. I went to Selfridges on saturday and there were just blueberry, greige and sapin color. I asked the SA about the BI but she thought I was talking about the blueberry....:confused1: :confused1: