Retail price of large muse?

  1. Hi Ladies, I am new to YSL. I would really like to get a plain black leather large muse (the big one that's not quite as big as the oversize). I am having a hard time finding it online so I may go to eBay.

    What is the retail cost/value of a large leather muse? Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure it's $1195 + tax. That was the price I paid for my black large muse in the summer of last year. Not sure if the price went up since.
  3. bubbleoba is right, the price is $1,295 - I bought my first at a YSL boutique a couple of months ago....
    eBay can be scary -- I would check Bluefly before going to eBay. They have had some (I think the exact Black Large Muse you are looking for) new additions today...
    GOOD LUCK -- You will LOVE it once you get it!!!
  4. ugh, the price keeps going up!

    get it now!