Retail price of inclusion ring?

  1. Anyone know the retail price of the inclusion ring? Not the bubble ring - the big one. (I'm in Canada but the US price is fine).
  2. The current price is $200. I'm not sure if the price increase will have any effect on this one though.
  3. mine was 215$CAD when I bought it in April, so it should be still the same now
  4. Thanks ladies - how do they fit? I mean are they kind of bulky? I am guess that both of you have dainyish hands - do they fit ok?
  5. hmmm... well I found that they were quite bulky but that ^ is kinda hard to say cuz it depends on which finger you plan to wear it on and everyone has different finger sizes...
    For me, the small one was a bit tight on my left middle finger, but the medium one was a lil big (and I don't like to wear rings on any other, so I went with the medium which was a bad idea cuz it was much bigger than I expected and I ended up cracking it on the floor... Still, I blame myself Lol, LV is perfect :lol:
  6. I tried it on on the store and the ring (whichever size it was) was too small and tight for my size 7 ring finger! :sad: And it looked ridiculously bulky on my hand (which is anything but small!)