Retail price of Dark Silver Reissue in LA

  1. I will have a trip to LA this week. Does anyone can tell me the selling price of Dark Silver Reissue and where I can find the Chanel Shop? Thanks!
  2. 227 is 2495 +tax
  3. 226 is $2,350 + tax..
  4. Chanel Beverly hills / South Coast Plaza- Costa Mesa (oc)
    Saks & Neiman- Beverly Hills.
    Bloomies- SCP/Costa Mesa (oc)
    Neimans- Newport Beach
    and there some others stores at the valley (but not familliar w/that area)
  5. Nordstrom's Canoga Park Mall has a Chanel

    If you are out of state, with no Chanel Boutique if you can stand waiting, I'd have them ship it back to you to save on the sales tax.
  6. Thanks a lot!!