Retail Price Lists for OLD LINES (limited, discontinued, etc)

  1. I'm SO sorry, but I've searched under "price", "discontinued", "limited", "retail" in the LV forum and I just can not find anything that lists retail prices for various lines like the MC when it first came out in '03, or the panda, or cherry blossoms, etc.

    I KNOW this was discussed because I remember reading this earlier in the summer and there was a link in some thread, but for the life of me I can't find it!!! :crybaby:

    I've literally spent the last 2 hours running various searches on here, on google and I can't find anything.

    Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction? I'm searching and I feel like I'm going in circles and getting nowhere. Help please cuz I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong that the search isn't turning up that list! :shrugs:
  2. Are you looking for a price on a particular bag?

    I bought my white MC speedy and porte tresor wallet in 2003 when they first came out. I can do some digging and look for a receipt if it'll help
  3. I'm actually interested in knowing the retail prices of the Panda line, Grafitti line, and Cherry Blossom lines... hopefully this doesn't sound greedy... but the prices for as many bags as people have information about?

    I'm just really frustrated because I swear someone had posted a link to a site that lists all the prices by year.. like 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. but I can't find it! GAH!!! :hysteric: My frustration may also be because I've used up so much time looking for it and it's approaching 2am and I have to be up by 6am to head off to work! :sad: You know.. when you just KNOW something is there but you just can't find it? and watch it's going to be something so obvious and I may have glossed over a thread b/c I was frantically trying to look for it.. :Push:

    Thanks for trying to help tho!
  4. i would like this info too! it would be helpful :smile:
  5. I have an 2000 and 2002 price list if that helps
  6. i found this that Irene posted some time ago for the CB line. hope it helps! :smile:

    Retro $955
    Papillon $880
    Pochette Accessories $425
    Trésor Wallet $460
    Key Pouch (Cles) $215
    Mirror $135
    Coin Purse $240
  7. Yea, this thread will be really helpful..! I would love to know the retail prices for the cerises and graffiti line too... :P
  8. Have you tried calling the LV hotline or sending them an email? they are usually very helpful :smile:
  9. I can help only with retail of Panda pochette: $345 US
  10. Eye Series

    Eye Dare You $4230
    Eye Love You $2170
    Eye Need You $1690
    Eye Miss You $1090


    Keepall 45 $1370
    Bucket $1210
    Sac Plat $1140
    Speedy 25 $995
    Compact Zippé $525
    Porte-Monnaie Zippé $475
    Pochette Accessoires $355
    Porte-Monnaie Rond $235
    Pochette Clés $195


    Pochette $345
    Porte-Billets $460
    Porte-Cles $140


    Large $1640
    Rabat (Small) $1140

    Cherry Blossom

    Retro $995
    Papillon $880
    Porte Tresor Wallet $460
    Pochette Accessories $425
    Porte Monnaie Plat $240
    Porte Cles $215
    Mirror $135


    Large $2020
    Rabat (Small) $1640

    Graffiti (approx from what I've heard)

    Keepall $1000
    Speedy $750
    PTI $400-450
    Scarf $200
  11. -delete- sorry double post :sad:
  12. All the prices except graffiti are from when the collections came outl
  13. All the prices except Graffiti which is approx, are from when the Collections came out. I'm still trying to find the exact prices of the Graffiti line :smile:
  14. habibty, thanks so much for posting! Those have been helpful so far!

    This looks like it could turn out to be a great resource thread.. perhaps whenever limited editions come out, this could be updated. :smile:
  15. No problem :smile: