Retail price for the Mad Ligne tote please!!

  1. HI, Can someone please tell me how much does this Mad tote retail for??

    I'm falling in :heart: with it, but wonder if this one is a good buy here. TIA.

    Oh, i found this from the forum. And wonder why their chain straps are different?? Does this mean that the one I found from eBay is a KNOCK OFF? Someone HELP please!
  2. I think the ret is $1795 or $1750, it was on sale on Saks for 30%. I bought one at $1250 couple weeks ago.

    There's 2 version of MM tote (different chain), mine looks exactly like the one on eBay..

    but I can't vouch for authenticity for the one on eBay (looks real though)
  3. w/o clicking on the links, there are 2 different chains available on the MM tote.
  4. Pchans! Thank you. I just ordered one from SAKs this morning and a small camera bag too. The deal was too good to be true. May I ask what color did you get?? I wanted the tote in black, but since it's onsale there's not much choice here. I got them in Mint. IF you have this color too, does it hard to blends in with the clothes?? TIA.

    *****Never mind, I saw your beautiful BLACK MADE TOTE!!*********;)
  5. nah.. I have it in Black. I actually got 2 two them by accident but I canceled one of them. it was NY Saks, I don't know if they still have it in Blk though.
    was it 30% or 50% off when you buy it?

    btw.. congrats on the tote and cam bag.. love that line