Retail price for gently used bbag?

  1. Hi ladies, I have a question about your thoughts on slightly used bbags, will you pay full retail price for a used bag (even though it shows minimal wear) or do you feel like it should come to you brand new for that price? I am not talking about highly coveted colors like apple green, magenta, or eggplant (those bags demand much higher prices:heart:) I am talking about this year's colors. Thanks for any opinions!
  2. It really depends on the condition. Gently used can mean so many different things. If the corners were dirty and scuffed I probably wouldn't pay full price. But if it's a color I really want then that's different! =)
  3. Depends on how sort after the colour is and how badly i want it!! :nuts:
  4. For some reason - I think that I would accept slight damage or even consider it as attractive on a black or darker coloured bag but not on a bright / pretty coloured one. For some reason, my mind's eye sees them as more pristine.
  5. Thanks everyone, I think I just need to decide if it is a color I can't live without!
  6. i would rather just buy it brand new from Neimans. it doesnt make any sense to me to pay full retail price, more sometimes, for a bag that is: 1. used and 2. not a rare color
  7. it is!!!! :tup:
  8. i won't pay over retail for any color that might still be available in stores! lol i would rather call up every store in the us and europe to find it.. matter of principle i guess. good luck though!
  9. You must buy the bag. It is not a want, it is a need!
  10. i think that if is not a rare colour, i'd not buy it used and for an high price. You my find it still in stores....
    But, if it is my HG, and i can't find it in the stores, then, i may think to buy it at any price :smile:))
  11. If it's a current season color bag, I would not buy used one with full retail price. You may have to do some searching and waiting but I'd rather wait and get a brand new bag.
  12. I peronally will not buy used on anything unless I'm getting a good discount. I'd just rather buy new. That being said, there are no colors I'm dying to have.