Retail price for Fendi B?

  1. I am planning to buy a fendi B, may I know the retail price for diff size and material? thanks!!
  2. Leather with Patent Trim Large -- $2150
    Leather with Patent Trim Medium -- $1860

    Patent Leather Large -- $2000
    Patent Leather Medium Shoulder Bag -- $1360
  3. The Patent Leather Medium Bags are much more expensive than $1360. The patent bag with the leather shoulder strap may be $1360, but the patent bags with the chain strap are up in the $1700 range or higher. The patent blue bag that I bought at Barneys was $1740.
  4. how about the canvas one?
  5. My blue patent leather medium was $1750 from
  6. I bought the all brown calfskin medium one from Paris for 1300 euros, which works out to be $1600. Then minus 12% for detaxe, which works out to be $1480 or so. If you can get someone from Paris to bring one back for you, it is well worth the trouble.