Retail price for Cotton Club reporter?

  1. I am wondering shall I ask my family to buy it for me from Italy. They are selling around $2100 euro there.

    they only have black and light blue overthere. which color is better?
  2. I inquired about the price a few weeks ago. An SA at NM told me $2795 US. I ended up not getting it. :smile:
  3. does the cotton club comes with baby/mini reporter and the regular one? my family told me the size is about 40" x 8".

    but sadly, chanel didnt give me any box for the purchase. Since I have to have a little 'room' for all my chanel bag.
  4. does cotton club reporter come in two sizes? i've seen the mini reporter in the cambon line, anyone knows how much that one is?
  5. I also have another question, will the cotton club replace the cambon line? ( with a more expensive price? :graucho: )since they are sooo similar. :borg: :borg:
  6. The blue is gorgeous!! If you search it, there was a thread with a picture of it...
  7. last night i was considering blue or black since i never seen this bag in real life anyway.

    Finally I chose black because i think it will be more long lasting color. initally i told them to buy me a luxury bowler but the shop dont have any stock at all. and the sales throught we are asking for cambon bowler bag!

    They also have a light grey, camel and black 2.55 classic flap available.. and i finally made up my mind to go for the cotton club since i already have a reissue 2.55 and they are not that cheap after the price increase.
  8. I was told that the Cotton Club reporter only came in one size.
  9. I love light blue. The NM here only have ivory silverish and dark blue. Where can i get light blue, only europe?:crybaby:
  10. is the US retail price $2795? seems cheaper than the original cambon isnt it?