Retail price Birkin HAC 28 ostrich?

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  1. Anyone know how much it currently retails :confused1: ? Thanks :wlae:
  2. For your reference, I know a 28 cm kelly ostrich is about US$10,500 in Hong Kong.
  3. The Cobalt Blue Ostrich HAC 28cm that I saw earlier this year at my local boutique retailed for USD 12000. It was really a good price and a great size. I would take that over ostrich Birkin 30cm any day.

    And if you're interested here are the price list for the rest:

    Ostrich Kelly Retourne 28cm: $11000
    Ostrich Birkin 30cm: $12700
  4. I heard that there was a price increase already. Ostrich 35cm used to be $14800 before tax. It was like ~$16000(little over$16000) before tax a few days ago.

    So, price for ostrich 28cm HAC might be more expensive now.
  5. All this talk about ostrich HAC is making me want to get the one off eBay that I've been trying REALLY hard to avoid.:sweatdrop: :wacko: :lol:
  6. Wow!!:wtf: The prices are soo high,I really would love a cobalt blue ostrich,But I can't justify me spending that much on a bag,Don't get me wrong,I eat, sleep,Hermes.I adore my bags.:love:
  7. Oh Man! What awful news!
  8. Nooooo~~~ Dammit, this is making me regret not having bought that Cobalt Blue Ostrich HAC 28cm earlier this year even more!:crybaby:
  9. Holy cow! I thought the price increase will only be effective next year. :wtf:
  10. I asked SA about it. SA told me that ostrich Birkin 35cm has been about little over~$16000 for at least a couple of months...But I realize the new price just recently...There will be another price increase soon:Push: :yucky: !
    But she also stated that every bag comes in with different price tag:wtf: :shrugs: !
  11. Thanks so much, ladies! :biggrin:
  12. my HAC was about $ 14000 USD a little over a year ago. i'm assuming the 28 HAC would be around that ball park now.
  13. GO FOR IT!!! Ostrich is gorgeous... :graucho:
  14. yes, do! :yes:

    i've been trying really hard to avoid that bag myself, and it will be a LOT easier if YOU buy it . . . .:P