retail on pastilles?

  1. i'm trying to find out how much the mono pastilles bracelet/chain retails for in $$?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. $375 plus tax. :smile:
  3. thank you! how easy :flowers:
  4. found this old post to ask a new question!

    I am really thinking about getting a pastilles. I have gotten a call about it and i am wondering is I should jump on it? Is this a LE item or something that I can think about?

    please help!


  5. Not limited, seasonal
  6. Seasonal, not LE, but you can't wait on it either. Once they're gone, that will be it.
  7. ok but how long do you think i COULD wait...I'd like to think about it for at least a week....tell me they won't sell out in that time:sad:
  8. Eluxury had them this morning now they're gone. Call your boutique ahead of time to find out if they have this item in stock. Honestly supply is running low.
  9. man oh man..I saw it in and then just had to have it.....but didn't think that I would have to spend $375 like today..

    i'm so torn

    I need enablers vs. nay-sayers!

  10. i :heart: the multicolore pastilles!! get it!!