??retail On Pastilles Mc Keychain??

  1. I was going to ask a friend in the UK to purchase the Pastilles MC Keychain and send it to me since it's already been released over there, but I was wondering what will be the RETAIL HERE IN THE US. The retail there is 190 GBP which is about U$367:nuts:

    Does that sound about right? Did anyone read about the US retail price for that item?
  2. The long one that can be used as a bracelet will be more expensive but I heard the keychain version will be around $240-$260?
  3. About $400 but I think that the pf member taco has one.
  4. Yeah..I just checked the UK version of the LV site and the keychain/bracelet is 190 GBP which is around $367. The smaller keychain version will be under $300, I believe.
  5. Oh, I didn't know there were going to be 2 different versions! That's GREAT NEWS, because I really don't want the bracelet size...Now I understand why my friend from the UK kept calling it a bracelet and I'm thinking "WTH is she talking about??"

    NOW IT MAKES SENSE...That's why it's so expensive, because it's long and can be a bracelet as well...

    Here's the one she bought...she'll keep it if I don't buy it.

    MCPastilles2.jpg MCPastilles1.jpg
  6. It's so pretty :heart:
    I can't wait for my keychain. :biggrin:
  7. with the us taxes it should goes up to $400, I love this Pastilles line, I can't wait!:love:
  8. the bracelet is gorgeous...I can't wait to see them IRL...it's too bad, they're not available yet here in SF
  9. Could you ask your friend to measure the "bracelet"? I'm curious how long it really is and whether it will really fit my wrist.

  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Ooooohh! I want! :love: When are these coming to the US?

    LVixen, you have such good taste! :graucho:
  12. TOO CUTE!!!! Ok calling my LV SA at 10am on the dot:lol:
  13. They are already here!! My SA [SCP] called yesterday to tell me they are in & ready to pick up:yahoo:
  14. Love it! congrat's
  15. That is the extender/barceletifyouhavesmallwrists. the keychain only has the circle & the candies hang like a grape cluster.