Retail on mini azur pochette?

  1. Can someone tell me what the retail price is on the mini azur pochette?
    I can't find it on Eluxury (I'm guessing they don't have it in stock?), and there are no LV boutiques anywhere near me. Thanks in advance!
  2. $215 Usd. ;)
  3. Have you checked the LV website? At least you can have an estimate of the price... I bought mine last year and I paid 150 euros (in Amsterdam)
  4. Thanks! There was one on eBay for like $350.... lol I got depressed. I was hoping it would be more like $250.
  5. ^

    was that the big one? I payed 1600 NOK for the big pochette here...
  6. It said it was a mini, but I am not all that sure it was real in the first place.
  7. Yup thats what I paid for mine.

    You should call up Elux every now and then, Veronika and I bought the last 2 mini pochettes b4 they were put up for sale on the website but that was back in November.
  8. Yea, I will call them. I am hoping they will have more soon!
  9. I paid 243.56 with tax, Louis Vuitton in Houston still has one, I saw it there yesterday.
  10. yups! :yes:
  11. I also saw one in LV Scottsdale on Saturday.. they had a speedy 30 and some other pieces, too.
  12. I paid $215 for mine.
  13. For anyone else who is interested, I talked to an Elux rep today who said they will be getting a large order of mini Azurs in at the end of Feb/early March, and they will be $215. :wlae: That is perfect timing for me to save the money up lol!
  14. i paid $215 for my mono mini, and i think the prices WERE the same.
  15. Yes Ma'am. And, boy do I love it! Do NOT pay more than $215 for one, you need to keep checking with elux...good luck! so worth it!