Retail on Gucci Belt bag?

  1. Does anyone know the retail of the Gucci belt bag? The one that was on Sex and the City?? Thanks!:smile:
  2. I have no idea of the belt you are asking about but Gucci belts typically run anywhere from $195 to $295.
  3. The one with 2 pockets right? I think it is 495 :rolleyes:
  4. 750 cdn....if that is any help~
  5. Hi Linda! I just checked the gucci site under luggage and it's $435.. I thought it was $495 also? maybe the price came down.. Also, I saw that they have a smaller belt bag in the SAME style for $395.
  6. Thanks Melanie!
  7. I saw a girl at the mall with one on and now I'm really interested in a belt bag.
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