retail on baby cabas?

  1. what's the price, and does it differ between colors? thanks!
  2. the baby cabas retails for $1795 plus tax. i don't think the price differs.
  3. in chanel stores in hawaii, I think it's an extra hundred.
  4. in hawaii i believe it is $1845.
  5. $1795 with NO tax :smile: b/c I live in SC where there's no Neiman's, Nordstrom or Chanel boutique. So I guess there is some benefit to living in the middle of no where :smile:)
  6. yeah $1845 in Hawaii, don't know why :shrugs:
  7. I think that Hawaii is on a different pricing structure. I know that LV, everything is about 4% cheaper in Hawaii than in the mainland (which my justification to buy a LV bag on my annual trips to Maui).
    A few years back, a Chanel bag I bought was $40 cheaper in Oahu than in Seattle. But some other pieces were more expensive.
  8. ^yes that's why I love LV now! lol.