Retail of pink/yellow inclusion hair cubes?

  1. Does anyone remember the retail of the old pink and the yellow hair cubes?
  2. ...Anyone?
  3. oh i cant possibly remember correctly but i think they are like $60-70 before :smile: i remember buying a brown one then complaining how could a ponytail holder/ hair cube cost this much
  4. 80$ but i think thats a bit much for a ponytail holder..
  5. I have a pair, but I can't remember the exact price. I do know that they were not nearly as low as the prices stated above. They were at least $150 for the pair...I remember a friend being baffled over the idea that I spent approx $80 on ONE hair tie.
  6. I think they're approximately S$360 per pair here.
  7. are u getting one Karman, hee hee :smile:
  8. Wen they first came out it was $70.00 for two , i still have the original receipt from macys dated back in
  9. $70 for two??? And they are like what...$150 EACH now?
  10. Nevermind, because the seller didn't add shipping costs (I couldn't buy the item because he/she needed immediate payment but there was not shipping cost listed which meant that I couldn't pay right away) I couldn't do a BIN and now that I've asked her to add shipping terms, SOMEONE BOUGHT THEM ALREADY :cursing: ARGH I am so bummed out right now, I've been looking for the pink ones FOREVER and now someone else got them :cursing: Thanks everyone anyways :smile:
  11. All I remember is close to a 100 dollars. Very overpriced imo.
  12. *sigh* I really wanted these hair cubes today but very true that they're overpriced for hair accessories...especially the only time I put my hair up, really, is when I have labwork to do...:sad: Oh well!