retail $$ of a vernis fuschia reade pm?

  1. just wondering what the price was when they were available in stores?:rolleyes:
  2. Reade PMs are $685 US right now, so cutting off the previous couple price increases, I'd say the Reade PM at the time the Fuschia was available was around $660??
  3. Hi Tiffinee

    I don't have a 2003 US Dollar price List but -

    the Super Collection catalog I have shows a Yen price of 80,850.

    Run that through an archive currency converter and it shows a dollar price of around $670. Not sure how spot on that is :confused1: but it would seem to be around that area.


  4. I thought it was $585:confused1:
  5. Were Reade PMs really that cheap a couple years ago??
  6. ^My first one was only $425 back in 2001!
  7. ^^^ ditto.
  8. This ^^^ is the price I paid last October (o6) when I purchased an Indigo Reade.:yes:
  9. Reade PM's currently retail for $680 USD.
  10. Thanks for the info!:smile: I just bought a fuschia reade pm for $468.00. Just wondering if I got a good price. Still also thinking if I should have gotten the framboise or is the fuschia just as pretty. My:heart: is with the fuschia:yes:
  11. OMG after price increase that is ridiculous!!!! :cursing: