retail me not

  1. For those of you running firefox, this add-on helps keep track of sales and bargains. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but when I get home I'm going to add it to my mac and test it out.

    Never miss a bargain again. Automatically informs you of sites users have shared discount coupon codes for.

    Coupon codes allow for discounts and freebies at many online stores.

    This add-on will automatically notify you when coupon codes are available for the current website being viewed.

    The add-on works by updating an internal database once per week from the collaborative coupon sharing website-

    Load a page from a website such as and a notification bar will appear informing you of available coupons.

    No data is sent back to the website nor will it adversely affect your browsing experience.

    Works with:
  2. oooh i'm definitely trying this out!
  3. Wow that sounds really neat!