retail isn't very nice

  1. well ladies as you know i have now opened the shop. it went really well at the weekend then on Monday when i was on my own the door opened an in come two ladies. They came over to the counter and said "you have to give me some money" i said pardon, they said i am a gypsy and if you want good luck you need to give me some money. i said i didn't have any money as i had just opeed and she would have to come back. Well she got the hump and said i was going to have bad luck etc. As it was my 1st day on my own i felt a bit scared and went next door to "saffy" the shoe shop and asked her about it. She said the come in all the time i asked her if she gave her money she shrugged her shoulders as i was walking out of her shop she said "she will tell your fortune. i laughed and said "get lost you don't belive in that rubbish do you?" Well 2 mins later she flew into my shop flung the door and said " when you told me to get lost were you joking?" i said yes she said "you bloody better of been".

    i burst into tears:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: and rang chris. i still can't belive it now chris rang her and told her that she had really upset me and that she must have taken it the wrong way and she put the phone down on him.

    Well the reason i am telling you all is that i have to get it off my chest and also i want none of you to ever shop there she is a double SSB!!

    thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Evie, Sounds to me like you are worn out! and need a rest.

    It must be very stressful setting up a new business and having everything perfect for opening day!!

    Maybe if you are able to pop next door when things have settled down you might be able to sort things out and see things in a different light.

    If shes still a bit** at least you will be able to walk away laughing!!
  3. OMG!!! Evie! Poor you! For Gods sake some people!! Take it all with a pinch of salt,God if a gypsy came into my shop I'd be telling her to leave in such a way that would leave her under no illusion not to come back!! Thats just taking the p*ss,playin on you like that,if she was a nice fortune telling gypsy she would'nt play on your insecurities,no wonder they have a bad name when they do stuff like that.
    Next time she comes in,tell her to kiss your ar*e,and then you might consider giving her 2p! And you said it was your first day and you had no money,God it amazes me how far some people will stoop.Tell her to f**k off and get a job,if she can walk round shops all day,she can sure as hell stack shelves.
    And as for the other woman,I'd leave it a day,then take a Starbucks or something into her and apologise for the misunderstanding,even though I don't think it was your fault,if she's funny from there on in,just think that you got it out the way early on,if she can't come round after that,she probably would have had something else to go on about,but at least you took the more adult approach to sort it out,and then this way,you know where you stand with
  4. ^^^^ Chaz they should have you working down the local DHSS on jobseekers!!!
  5. Evie that is horrible!! I am so sorry to hear it. Those gypsies need their *rses kicking - did they even look like "proper" fortune-telling gypsies, or just a couple of scraggy-looking women? Even so, there's no excuse for basically blackmailing you. As for the other woman, I like what Chaz suggested, just to smooth things over even though it's not your fault. Maybe she was just having a bad day herself and feels bad now.....anyway, I hope you've been able to relax, and that you feel a bit better soon xxx
  6. Mmmm,d'ya think I missed my calling??? Hahahaa!!!
  7. Aw Evie what a horrible experience for you. I'm not surprised you were upset, and madam next door sounds like a charmer to put the phone down on your hubby, on top of all that :wtf:

    Good advice from the others, be the bigger person here, try and smooth things over, even though you've done nothing wrong. Sending you hugs, look after yourself. :flowers:
  8. What a day! :wtf: Just a nice way to treat a "new neighbour" - NOT! Hope it´ll sort out so you don´t have to take anymore of that s**t! I´m all on your side:tup:!
  9. Evie - poor you! Chaz gave you some good advice! But, I would be happy to help you. I can pop over to New Orleans and buy a voodoo doll to send your way! A Starbucks and some needles poked in a voodoo doll should do the trick!! Fight gypsies with voodoo!!!!
  10. (((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    tell the gypo's to sod off! Honestly, all this stupid superstition cr*p. Chaz gave great advice. Have you got an alarm button or something under the desk - if not get some security set up.

  11. You've gotten great advice here and lots of support from all of us. You are super and swell. You will develop a tougher skin as time goes by and as all variety of people will try to get things from you, insult you or your merchandise, etc. Just know that you are fabulous and keep on the high road of life. Treat people as you wish to be treated. And remember, there are many slightly and highly neurotic and mentally ill people out you will just have to sort through them all.
    Sorry if this sounds new agey...but I believe if you are true to yourself, that all will be well.
  12. Thank you all for your advice.

    got the secruity thing on the door an a panic alarm.

    i would rather stick pins in my eye than get that women a starbucks. I just think what a nasty women even when she knew i saw upset she wasn't bothered any other women would have gone in an said there has obvaisly been a misunderstanding but she didn't. The looks she gave me today as well. i just laughed at her its her lose as my friends shop in there well used to!!!

    i am of to bed knackered. you are all so lovley! i knew you would make me fell better.

  13. Thats ok hun,the amount of times I should have been six foot under if I belived what smelly gypos said!! And as for this other one,just smile and wave at her,at least you can't be blamed for behaving badly,and to make you feel better,it'll probably really get up her nose!! Hahaha!!

    Go and snuggle down with a nice warm drink,tommorows another day!! xxxx
  14. Evie - jk about the voodoo!!
  15. Hahahaha!!!^^^^^ I thought that was a great idea!!! Or are you being ironic? God you are are'nt you and I walked straight into it................